3D Metal Wire Brain Puzzles Challenge - Set of 8 (3 skill levels)

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This set features 8 unique metal wire puzzles, crafted from high-quality material to maintain their shape without bending or breaking. Designed with safety in mind, these puzzles have smooth edges to ensure a safe experience for users of all ages. In the event of any mix-ups, we offer a full refund or replacement without hassle.

Dubbed the Ring Puzzle, this collection is engineered to stimulate your brain, enhancing concentration, focus, and both your IQ and dexterity through the joy of solving. These puzzles embody the essence of traditional Chinese culture, offering a fascinating journey into creative thinking and problem-solving.

Ideal for both kids and adults who love a good challenge, this Metal Wire Puzzle set is perfect for those looking to test their mental prowess. However, it's not recommended for children under six due to small parts that could pose a choking hazard. Engage your mind, impress your friends, and enjoy the satisfaction of solving these intriguing puzzles.

What's in the box:

8 x 3D Metal Puzzles in one box