4 Pack Umlozi Replacement Water Filters For Popular Jug Brands

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The Umlozi Water Filter Jug Replacement Filter is an affordable and convenient solution for your leading water jug brands. This high-precision filter effectively reduces impurities such as sediment and improves the taste and odor of water by using microporous activated carbon to absorb chlorine, agricultural chemicals, and industrial pollutants. The ion exchange resin effectively accumulates heavy metals like lead and copper in household appliances.

Designed for quick and easy installation, this filter often requires no tools or specialized knowledge. Simply insert the filter into your jug's reservoir, and it's ready to work immediately. This "plug-and-play" approach is perfect for homeowners who want reliable filtered water without needing professional assistance. Replace every 4-8 weeks for optimal performance.

These cartridges fit by dropping into the top of the filter jug. If your jug uses a twist-and-lock mechanism for fitting the filter, this cartridge will NOT fit.

What's in the Box?

- 4 x Sealed Umlozi Replacement Filters