Brainstring Advanced Brainteaser Puzzle, 3D Puzzle or Teaser by Recent Toys

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Brainstring Advanced Brainteaser Puzzle is a best-selling puzzle throughout the world, providing endless ways for you to have fun and stretch your puzzle-solving skills. Logic, fine motor skills and spatial reasoning benefit from this game’s unique challenges, which are enjoyable for hours on end.

To play, move strings on the puzzle by holding on to their coloured tips. Then, glide the strings along tracks and create a knot in the middle to set the puzzle up. Try to solve your challenge by untangling your knot, leaving all strings so they don’t touch one another.

Attempt to get solid colours on all sides of the puzzle!

This game stretches your critical reasoning skills to a whole other level. It’s a perfect puzzle game to take on the road for short trips and long vacations.

Building on what’s already a best-selling puzzle game, the Brainstring Advanced gives you many more ways than the original puzzle to challenge yourself.

From the Manufacturer

Building on the success of our top selling puzzle, this advanced version adds more sides, coloured strings and easy to grasp rubber tips. More challenging than the original, Brainstring advanced will stretch your puzzle-solving skills to the next level.

What's in the box:
1 x Brainstring Advanced