Mike Harman's Match & Pair Set

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Mike Harman is a truly original English artist born in ‘the garden of
England’ Kent. He is also the creator of the Colour Buddy Concept
and the ‘Imagination Pictures’. His immensely unique artwork was
the base for two new games: Match and Pair!


With two identical sets of 18 playing cards, you’ll have plenty of chances to find matches. Better think fast, though: with Match, all players search for matches at the same time. As the game continues, the number of cards to choose from increases – along with the degree of difficulty!

Often bought together with Mike Harman's other game - Pair


This seemingly simple game goes one step further. Merely eight identical pairs of square tiles to match must be child’s play…right? Not so fast. With a kaleidoscope of shapes and no fixed images or colours to focus on, the possibilities are practically limitless – the devil is in the details!