PlayMais® Mini MOSAIC Owl

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300 PlayMais Mosaic, 2 cards, sponge, and instructions

Great as a small gift, goodie bags, and stocking stuffers

PlayMais can be shaped into any shape and will stick to each other and most smooth surfaces

Made from corn, water, and food coloring

All-natural, biodegradable, safe

Helps to develop creativity and fine motor skills

Learn through play

PlayMais is a fun, creative natural modelling material, which is made from Cornstarch and natural food colourings. PlayMais is made in Germany and is 100% biodegradable. The blocks are coloured using natural food colourings and by just adding a little water the blocks stick together, leaving you with a fantastic modelling material that needs no glue and is completely safe if it should find its way into a mouth! PlayMais is recommended for children from 2 years upwards - basically, as soon as they are old enough to grasp the play method of picking up a piece, dabbing it on a damp cloth and then pressing it onto another piece. PlayMais is also an ideal product to use within a nursery or school environment and we have special mega boxes available that are ideally suited to this.

PlayMais is the crafting sensation from Germany.  Made from corn, water and food colouring it is 100% safe, natural and biodegradable.  All you need is a  little bit of water to stick them together.  The original PlayMais can be squeezed, cut and rolled to form any shape. Guarantees endless