Ghost Xtreme by Meffert's - for serious puzzlers only!

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A brand new twisty puzzle from Meffert's™, the Ghost Xtreme starts out as a 12-sided dodecahedron but quickly morphs into a jumble of interesting geometric shapes. Because this puzzle is not dependent on color and the sides turn along irregular axis, it is one of the most challenging puzzles in the entire line.

 Ghost Xtreme by Uwe Meffert from Project Genius® is an incredibly challenging, black and white, dodecahedron twist puzzle.

  • Features a complex structure, irregular axis and no colors to follow or match.
  • Can you find the hidden patterns and work out a solution?
  • Encourages spatial reasoning, logic, problem solving and critical thinking.
  • Difficulty level: 5 (1 thru 5)
  • Puzzle measures 4 x 4 x 3 inches.