Diamond Paintings DIY - Choose from many designs (21 x 25cm)

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SUPER SPARKLE DIAMONDS, The surface of magic round diamond has 26 square sections that look shiny and never fade, full of gloss, more vibrant and brilliant than the 9 facets diamond or square drill. Easy to save and long-term preservation. All diamonds are high-quality, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and tasteless.
The diamond painting kits include the Self-adhesive HD canvas, Resealable bags, Drill sticky pointed pen, Diamond tray, extra painting fixing tool. The painting fixing tool could easy to make the canvas tidier, make your diamond painting neater, complete the crafts easier, save your time and keep your diamonds straight and align.

DIY Diamond Painting Full Drill with high clear printing oil canvas is waterproof and pollution-free. Perfect color matching, thickened, good texture, and visual beauty. The pattern with sticky background and the gems will be held so that you could easily complete the picture and the diamond won't fall off.

It’s easier and more beautiful than cross stitch. Super addicting and fun, very easy and relaxing to make. It's painted by numbers, the symbols are clear and easy to read, not tired your eyes when painting pictures. Each diamond painting kit contains a set of tools for making paintings, no need to buy any other tools.

As a classic artwork, it can help you experience a sense of achievement, relieve stress, and cultivate patience. Also, it’s a great way to enhance your child's creativity and self-confidence. Enjoy the fun with your friends or family. Perfect to decorate your living room, bedroom, or anywhere you want, it will make your home amazing. And it is a perfect gift to your family and friends to express your love.

Experience the brilliance of SUPER SPARKLE DIAMONDS with our Full Diamond Painting Kits. The magic round diamond surface features 26 square sections that maintain their shine and never fade. These diamonds are more vibrant and brilliant compared to the 9-facets diamond or square drill. They provide a glossy and captivating finish. Moreover, they are easy to store and can be preserved for the long term. Our kits only include high-quality, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and odorless diamonds.

It is easy and enjoyable. Creating a diamond painting is easier and more beautiful than cross stitch. It's a super addicting and fun activity that provides relaxation and ease. The painting is designed with numbered symbols that are clear and easy to read, reducing eye strain. Each diamond painting kit includes a complete set of tools, eliminating the need to purchase additional items.

Our diamond painting kits offer a classic artwork experience that brings a sense of achievement, relieves stress, and cultivates patience.

  • What's in the box
  • 1 x Diamond Painting Board with Diamonds
  • 1 x Easel
  • 1 x Colour Chart (on the reverse of the Diamond Painting Board)
  • 1 x Tool Set (Wax, Pen, Tray)