Edge Grain Serving / Cutting Board - Kiaat Wood Cutting Board - 28 x 19cm

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'-This Edge Grain Laminated Kiaat serving board is not only durable but also stands out due to the angled corner cuts.
-They are constructed using only the finest timbers. The cut and lamination sets them apart from the rest.  Their unique structure not only makes a bold statement but also shows fewer knife marks and their forgiving nature does not chip or dull blades.
-Our products are finished with the highest quality food-safe oils and wax to ensure longevity, function and appearance.
-Kiaat wood has an impressive strength to weight ratio which (combined with its durability) makes it a very versatile, useful wood that is suitable for a great variety of applications. Its heartwood colour can vary from a light golden brown to a medium brown with a reddish or purplish tint. Grains can be straight, wavy or interlocked. Its textures range from fine to medium with a nice natural luster. It has extremely low shrinkage rates and is considered to be a very stable wood
-This product is a great addition to any style kitchen and is an even better addition to those who enjoy preparing foods on quality products.