Flying Drone Fairy - Rechargeable Flying Fairy - Assorted Colours

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Instructions On How To Operate The Doll:

Please Read Carefully Before You Start Using The Flying Doll

After the doll is fully charged , put it on by sliding the on and off point that islocated just below the doll waist

Afterputting the doll on ,hold it by its legs for few seconds until you start feeling that it has power to fly ,before you release it to fly. Immediately after releasing the doll , put your hands/hand under the flying doll while its flying so that it won't fall down. And also make sure where you fly the doll, there is enough room for the doll to fly as high as you want and it will come down -then put your hands/hand under the flying doll again and it will go up again.

Don't let the doll fall down because this may cause the doll's wings to detach from the doll's body- In case the flying doll fell down and its wings detached you can easily attach the wings back- it's easy to put back the doll's wings

Always make sure before you fly the doll it has enough power to fly.



Product aircraft, charging cable
Charging time: about 30 minutes
Use time: about 6-8 minutes

Product Features:
Function: Ascent, descent, induction control operation instructions.
No remote control is required. Turn on the switch and the aircraft will start to rotate at a low speed. It will take off after the speed reaches a certain lift! After the crystal ball takes off, it will drop to a certain height in the air, and then reach under the feet of the crystal ball. When the sensing distance is reached, it will start to rise again.

Product features: Built-in colorful LED lights, which will be very beautiful when turned on and will be loved by children.

Special statement:
The aircraft has its own charging cable, which can only be plugged into a computer for charging. Also, be sure to turn off the "switch" of the aircraft when charging!

Since this product is light and has a sensing function, it may interfere with signal reception due to strong light or wind, causing the aircraft to lose signal, so it is not suitable for playing outdoors.

Water droplet remote control can be added: the aircraft can be started and stopped. When the switch is turned on, press the start button to start. If you want to stop it during flight, just press the start button again, which is convenient and worry-free.

Product Description
Magically Controlled by Your Hands: Easily charge your Flying Fairy Toys with the USB charging cable. You can put your hand underneath to control it in the air for interactive play. And control its landing or flying with the remote controller,easy to fly with simple operation,especially designed for beginne
Amazing Experience: Flying Princess is hand controlled flying toys,easy to control for young kids. When you turn it on the lights flash brightly. Flying fairy has great visual appeal for any children. Especially at night in a darkened room it looks very fantastic. Flying fairy toy can bring you a happy time with your kids!
Auto-Stop Feature & Safety for Kids: Fairy toys for kids are safety tested. If you touch her wings mid-flight, she will stop flying. You can also grab your pixies legs to safely reposition her during flight.Fairy doll is made of high quality plastic materials.In order to reduce the damage of the propeller to the child, we make the plastic body very thin and light
Easy to Use: The flying doll will be stationary for 3 seconds to ensure safety when you turn on the switch.You can put your hand underneath to control it in the air for interactive play. Use your hands to guide fairy doll, flying fairy doll will sense if your hands are high or low.
Ideal Gifts for Kids: The flying ball comes everything you need to use the learning toy. The flying balls are wonderful birthday gift or Christmas gift for kids. If you are looking right toy for your kids boy or girl, The flying robot helicopter is a surprise gift!

Operation method.
1. Turn on the product switch, turn on the remote control switch, hold the product in your right hand, the flying leaves rotate and take off
2. The product starts to rotate at a low speed, and will take off when the speed reaches a certain lift
3. After take-off, the product will drop at a certain height in the air, and then put your hand under the bottom of the product, the induction distance will start to rise again.
PS: It is recommended to play indoors in an open space, outdoor wind will affect the operation.


What's in the box
  • 1 x Flying Fairy Doll