Garden Hose Spray Gun - 8 Adjustable Spray Settings

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8 adjustable spray setting:
- Full Spray (allows a full stream of water)
- Shower (sprays a Fluffy Showerhead)
- Mist (sprays a fine mist)
- Cone (spays a hollow cone)
- Stream (allows a little less than "full")
- Center (a strong thin stream of water)
- Vertical (spays a vertical line of water)
- Flat ( sprays a horizontal line of water)

Easy to connect and use:
- Connect to a standard hose pipe connector
- Squeeze the trigger when you would like to spray and release when you would like to stop.
- To adjust the spray, simply rotate the nozzle to the desired spray setting.

What's in the box
1 x Garden Hose Spray Gun