Glider Throw Foam Airplane Large Throwing Foam Plane - 5 Pack

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Flight Modes - Glider mode and reversal mode. There are two holes in the plane's tail. Insert the small wing to the below hole, the plane will fly in glider mode. Insert small wing to the upper hole, Plane will fly in reversal mode.

Good For Kids' Health - Outdoor sports are good for children' health. Just give kids a chance to throw these glider planes and they will get away from their computers, televisions and end up playing with it in your playroom or outside for hours. Kids will learn how to launch and control these aeroplane toys, and it will help your little ones develop coordination, critical thinking skills in a practical way at the same time will improve their hand-eye coordination, observation and sense of direction.

Easy to assemble - Don't need batteries, just insert the wing and tail into position and you will be on your way to enjoy the game immediately.

For All Ages - Not only for kids, but the whole family can also enjoy the happy hours in open areas such as backyard, sand beach, grasslands, yard, front door, park and other places. Helps promote parent-child relationships.

Best Gift Choice - Best outdoor gift for plane lovers, perfect for aviation and aeroplane theme parties. This is also a cool glider plane for kids, when they are on family picnics, BBQ parties, air-shows, or just as a decorative item in their rooms.


What's in the box
  • Aircraft Package Consists Of 5 Fuselage And 10 Wings, Made Of Epp High-Polymer. Together This Will Build 5 Aeroplanes.