Glow It The Dark Beach Ball 30 cm & 2 Glow Sticks - Assorted Colours

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Light up the night with Glow in the Dark Beach Balls! Perfect for Spring Breakers, surfers, beach enthusiasts, pool lovers, dancers, and party goers everywhere! Illuminate any beach party, school dance, festival, or glow-themed event. These beach balls are a hit at Spring Break, family BBQs, concerts, and can even serve as glowing decor. Don't forget to bring them to your next pool party or summer gathering by the lake! Each beach ball comes with a replaceable 6-inch glow stick (included), allowing you to reuse them for endless fun. Plus, with a variety of colors available in the 6-inch Glow Sticks, you can customize the color of your glowing beach ball to match your mood or theme.

Note: Glow Stick Beach Balls are most visible in a pure dark setting and will begin to dim after a couple hours. UV Black lights may diffuse the internal glow of the glow sticks.

Instructions: Inflate the Light Up Beach Ball and then bend the included 6 inch glow stick just enough to crack the internal glass ampoule. Insert the 6 inch glow stick into the center insert point of the Glowing Beach Ball. This is easiest to do when the glow in the dark beach ball is already inflated. 


1 x 30cm ball and 2 x Glow Sticks