IcoSoKu Brain Teaser Puzzle – 3D Puzzle, Block Puzzle by Recent Toys

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Place the number tiles in random slots, then match the number of dots on all five intersecting triangles to each tile. All done, right? Not so fast. Now you can build your next challenge—simply swap a few number tiles and the game continues! Remember: a solution is always just around the next twist. With the perfect geometry of an icosahedron, IcoSoKu can be solved every single try!

This IcoSoKu original puzzle calls on you to match dots to numbers in order to solve puzzles. The challenges you create and the solutions waiting to be found number in the thousands for this puzzle, which has a correct answer for every tough question you make up.

It’s incredible how many hours of enjoyment, and the number of brainteasers, you can have with the IcoSoKu puzzle. Delight in the time spent removing tiles and placing yellow pegs on the ball, to strengthen logic, strategy, and math skills.

Play by removing the 20 tiles and inserting yellow pegs where you like. Snap-on white tiles around the yellow pegs in an effort to have the dots surrounding the pegs equal the number that is shown.

No matter how you arrange the yellow pegs, there’s always a solution to your puzzle. When you want to play again, simply reposition the tiles and pegs and then start over. You can count on many thrills with this 3d puzzle.

The puzzle is a maddening addition. Place the number buttons randomly on the ball. Solve the puzzle by matching the dots to the numbers so that all of the dots touching a number add up to that amount. There are thousands of ways to play. It all adds up to fun - you can count on it.

Brainteaser with thousands of games – boost critical thinking skills with a puzzle that you can take apart and put back together as many times as you like

Boost math, logic, and strategy skills – a fun way to teach and strengthen math skills in children and adults. An excellent stem (or steam) toy!

Create new logic puzzles once solved – place triangular tiles in various arrangements so the dots touch a numbered button and equal that number

Always a solution to the challenging mind games – every puzzle you create from the ball can be solved, regardless of how many number buttons you place on the game

Endless hours of enjoyment – after you’ve solved a puzzle, remove the pieces at random and put them back together how you’d like for a completely new and challenging puzzle to enjoy

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