Mini Feliks Pillow Keychain Puzzle - Brain Teaser, Speedcube by Meffert's

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Building on the enormous global success of Meffert's Puzzles, we are excited to release 4 unique Mini Meffert's Keychains:

  • Mini Skewb
  • Mini Feliks Pillow
  • Mini Molecube
  • Mini Diver’s Helmet

Each Mini rotates with the same smoothness as their big brothers and sisters, and they are beautifully packaged in fully transparent blisters. The must-have impulse buy for all the clever people!

Twist this speed cube so that all the sides show the same colour in this colour manipulation puzzle One of a selection of challenging brain teasers and puzzle toys for kids from Uwe Meffert.
This fidget puzzle is the perfect adult puzzle gift, children’s puzzle gift, or cool gift for teens.
Great brain games for the IQ tester, once you’ve solved it you can scramble it and test yourself again!

Fine motor skills toys that pose a fun and engaging challenge.

What's in the box:
1 x Mini Feliks Pillow