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Don't lose another 𝗽𝗿𝗮𝘄𝗻 with Prawn Keepr

The Prawn Keepr is an innovative floatable net designed specifically for anglers who are pumping for sand prawns in rivers or sand banks. Unlike traditional nets or containers, the Prawn Keepr offers a floating mechanism and a sturdy net, designed to catch all solid items—including prawns—that are pumped out of the sand. Below, we will dive deep into its features, the advantages it brings, how to use it effectively, and some safety precautions to bear in mind.

Features and Benefits

  1. Floating Mechanism: A built-in buoyant device ensures the net stays afloat, making it easy for anglers to keep track of it.

  2. Sturdy Net: The net is made of a durable, fine-mesh material designed to capture all sizes of prawns and other solid items.

  3. Easy Retrieval: Looped rope for ease of pulling the net back to shore or into your boat or attached to your body.

  4. High Capacity: Sufficiently large to hold a good number of prawns, thereby reducing the frequency of emptying the net.

How to Use the Prawn Keepr

  1. Deployment

    • Unfold the net and attach it the rope to your body
  1. Pumping

    • Begin pumping from the sand in your chosen location into the floating Prawn Keepr
    • The net will automatically catch prawns and other solid items while floating on the water surface.
  2. Monitoring

    • Keep an eye on the net while you continue pumping.
    • Depending on the capacity, you might need to empty the net periodically. 
  3. Retrieval

    • Use the rope to retrieve the net.
    • Securely hold the base to ensure no prawns escape while transferring them to your container.
  4. Cleaning and Storage

    • Rinse the net thoroughly with fresh water.
    • Fold and store it in a cool, dry place for future use.
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