Sprayza has truly become a runaway success! The deceptively simple patented device, used with the top-quality Sprayza Marker Pen, becomes an easy-to-use but highly effective airbrush. It’s kid-powered and turns airbrushing into an art form that even a four-year-old can master. There are new and original designs and themed packs, specifically tailored to appeal to both boys and girls, with the impact of magic colour-changing inks in some of the sets. A strong brand identity and competitive price points.


The incredible Blendypens continue to go from strength to strength and they are already an established classic in many countries. For budding artists from six years and up, Blendypens allow children to blend two or more colours in a single pen, for some amazing colourful results. Blend yellow to red to green, for all the colours of autumn, or a stunning black to lilac for a perfect dusk. There are Surprise Art posters, which reveal hidden patterns, and creative activities from card-making to fashion design.


Since its launch in 2012, Paintastics has become an immediate success! Paintastics is the ultimate no-fuss paintbrush for younger children – no water, no spills, no mess! Very high quality brush pens, in both mini and regular sizes, can be used for fine or thick strokes. And the superior design of the bristles makes them virtually child-proof. With no need for separate jars of water or paint, young children can allow their creativity to blossom – without worry for them or their parents!