Meet The Dudes!

Surfer Dudes® come in 6 styles - choose your favorite or collect them all!


“Aussie” Alice

“Bali” Bobbi

“Costa Rica” Rick

“Donegan” Doolin

“Hossegor” Hank

“Sumatra” Sam

Helpful Assembly Hints

Remember to follow this order to assemble:

  1. insert skeg into surfboard first,

  2. then snap wing onto skeg, and

  3. last, attach your Surfer Dudes figure.

Troubleshooting Tips

Sometimes we hear that the wing on someone's Surfer Dudes was hard to snap on or their Surfer Dudes figure did not snap all the way in. Because no one wants their Surfer Dudes to come apart in the surf, these fittings needed to be tight. If you are having problems with these, try one of the helpful hints below:

  • Wing won't snap on
    Use a hard surface like a table under the board/skeg

  • Wing still won't snap on
    Point the arrows on the skeg and wing in the same direction

  • Wing still won't snap on
    Make sure wing opening is centered over skeg attachment point

  • Wing still won't snap on
    It takes a quick but firm rap, don't be afraid to rap it

  • I put figure in skeg without surfboard
    Try pulling them apart; it can be done, but takes a lot of strength

  • Figure does not snap all the way in
    Place wing, skeg, and surfboard on a hard surface; press figure down hard

  • Figure still does not snap in
    Don't be afraid to push still harder on figure

Surfer Dudes Safety Tips

Surfer Dudes Don'ts!

  • Never throw at people or pets!

  • Never use in waves over 3 feet!

  • Don't use in high winds!

  • Avoid strong currents!

  • No rocky beaches!

Surfer Dudes Dos!

  • Use only with adult supervision!

  • Follow all beach rules & warnings!

  • Surfs best in breaking, foamy waves, 3 inches to 3 feet!

  • Gently sloping sandy beaches ideal!

  • Rinse Your Surfer Dudes with fresh water after beach use!