3D Usb Printing Pen - Compatible with 1.75mm PLA & ABS Filament

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3D Usb Printing Pen with OLED Screen and Collectors Squishland Toy & Voucher - Assorted Colours

This pen allows to draw a 3D object as easy as if you were drawing on paper. Create Sculptures and models that can be played with or put on display. There is no limit to what you can you do.
Simply connect your Usb cable to a power supply
Choose weather you are using PLA or ABS Material
Set your temperature you would like to run the pen on
Insert your Filament and press the feed the button as you would like to draw and again to stop.
It's that simple to create endless 3D Drawings
Squish land Toy and Voucher Included.

What's in the box
- 1 x 3D Pen
- 1 x Usb Power Wire
- 1 x 3D Pen Stand
- 1 x Sqwishland Collectors Toy
- 1 x Roll of PLA Filament