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Why use a Tattoo Salve?

We buy fine-art to put on your walls, admire and care for it. Body-Art should be given the same care, respect and level of attention. Body adornment is a “Permanent Investment”

Tattoo’s and piercing’s require special aftercare and beyond Our Tattoo Salve promotes the longevity of your body-art. Offering the canvas/collector a the natural salve which supports the integrity of your artwork.

Made from selected plant-oils that aid in every stage of your tattoo healing process. Reducing redness, swelling and relieving itchiness, whilst helping to protecting your body-art colour quality.

Beeswax antiseptic healing qualities, promote skin repair and reduce moisture loss, whilst allowing your skin to breathe.

After your tattoo has healed, continue to use the Tattoo Salve for regular moisturisation of artwork.

Include the Tattoo Salve as part of your first+aid kit, to help treat rashes, eczema, insect bites, dry skin, stiff muscles, cracked/chafed hands and feet and minor cuts