Gel Blaster Glow In The Dark Gel Balls Pack

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Glow In The Dark Gel Balls Compatible With Umlozi's Electric Gel Blasters - Over 16 000 Gel Balls Pack

 Glow In The Dark
Over 16 000 Gel balls that are compatible with Umlozi's electric gel blaster.
Conveniently packed in a pour nozzle container
Simply place a small amount of the beads into a container and fill with room temp water and leave to soak for 3 - 4 hours
Please note that if you do not wait long enough for the beads to expand to full size then they will not shoot as effectively from your gel blaster.
Be sure to not pour too many beads into a container at once as they expand many times their dry size.

- Always wear the protective eyewear provided with Umlozi's gel blasters
- Do not aim or shoot at any human or animal

 What's in the box

  • 4 x 4000 Pack Glow Gel Balls