Meffert's Molecube Puzzle - Brain Teaser 3D Puzzle by Recent Toys

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Once you get your hands on the Molecule, you’ll never want to put it down. We crafted a smooth spinning device that glides with your wrists, and whose spherical pieces really give you the feeling of ultimate dexterity! Then there’s the puzzle itself. Can you get all 9 colors on each side? Careful: only a puzzler who understands cubes at the atomic level stands a chance!

Twist and turn to get all nine colors in each face.
Includes Meffert's unique clicking mechanism to help line up each twist.
Difficulty Level (1 - 5): 4

Excellent STEM or STEAM toy. One of the most classic of Meffert's puzzles. This is not your average cube, with nine colors, the challenge is to ensure there are no two cells of the same color on any sides. It is like Sudoku in 3D!

What's in the box:
1 x Molecube