Pinart - 3D Pin Sculpture Toy - Assorted Colours

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Introducing the 3D Pin Art Sensory Toy, a captivating and versatile toy suitable for both boys and girls. This remarkable toy allows you to press various objects onto its pin board, leaving behind a detailed and impressionable profile. Whether it's a miniature Batman toy, dinosaur figurines, your own handprint, or even your facial contour, the possibilities are endless. With the UMLOZI 3D Pin Art Toy, you can create unimaginable three-dimensional sculptures, igniting children's boundless creativity and nurturing their vibrant imagination.

Distinct from traditional metal pin impression toys, our unique plastic pin board toy offers a lighter and more portable alternative. Perfect for on-the-go play, it is also designed with smooth edges, ensuring a safe and harmless experience. When you're ready to craft a new print on the 3D pin art sculpture, simply place it horizontally, and the autism sensory product resets itself. Furthermore, this upgraded 3D pin art board for kids boasts a wide array of colors, providing an opportunity for children to exercise their color recognition skills.

Beyond its playfulness, the Rainbow Pin Art Toys serve as decorative pieces suitable for children aged 3 to 14. Whether placed in a bedroom, living room, or even an office, these sensory toys can adorn any space with beauty. By pressing your favorite prints onto the autism sensory product, our board games for kids 6-8 become stunning decorative accents. To ensure stability, position the pin art sensory toy close to a wall, securely avoiding any accidental falls. With its upgraded pin shape, it exudes an even greater artistic sense.

The Hand Pin Toy is sure to bring joy and amusement to both home and school playtime. Encourage children to engage with their friends and family members while exploring the endless possibilities of this pin sensory toy. As a result, it makes for excellent birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, graduation gifts, or even tokens of appreciation such as Thanksgiving gifts. Moreover, the pin pressure toy proves to be an intriguing present and fidget toy for girls, lovers, co-workers, and classmates alike.

Packaged in a compact carton, the Plastic Pin Art Toy won't occupy excessive space yet promises to make a significant impact whenever displayed. The dimensions of the pin art game package are 19.0 x 6.0 x 14.0 cm. Crafted from durable plastic pins and a sturdy transparent frame, these sensory toys for kids aged 5-8 withstand the test of time, allowing for countless hours of play and enjoyment.dr