Revolutionize Your Pain Relief with Reusable Soft Ice Packs – Perfect for Kids and Adults! Say Goodbye to Aches and Swelling!

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Relief: Reusable cold therapy ice packs are your go-to solution for pain and swelling relief. They work wonders for tired, puffy eyes, sinus discomfort, headaches, fevers, wisdom toothaches, menstrual pain, breastfeeding discomfort, kids' injuries, minor scrapes, bruises, bumps, muscle aches, sprains, first aid, sports injuries, and more. Use them on your wrists, elbows, shoulders, knees, ankles—anywhere you need relief. Cold and Hot Therapy: Our 6-inch small ice packs do it all.

They can be used as cold packs for cooling or hot packs for warming. For cold therapy, simply add ice cubes and some tap water. For hot therapy, just add hot water (recommended temperature: 50℃/122℉-60℃/140℉).

Attention to Detail: Re-using ice bags for injuries may lead to them having a slight smell due to the pattern painted on the product. To address this, open the cap before the first use and let it air out for 2 days until the smell dissipates. Safety is our priority; never add water above the recommended level (23 minutes) for your mini ice pack.

What You Get: The soft ice packs for injuries reusable for kids are sold individually. They are reusable, flexible, non-toxic, and leak-proof.

Made of premium environmental PVC polyester, these ice packs are durable and resistant to ripping or tearing. Pair them with our Ice Wrap for added convenience and comfort.