Silicone Rings 5-Pack - Assorted Colours

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Comfortable Silicone Rings In All Colours For All Occasions


Engage in workouts, lifting, climbing, or other physical pursuits? Our silicone wedding bands are the ideal substitute for your formal wedding ring, protecting it from potential scratches or damage. ENHANCED SAFETY ON THE JOB

Perfect for demanding duties or manual labor jobs, such as carpentry, military roles, or operating heavy machinery. Our rings are designed to keep your finger safe under extreme circumstances, including risks like ring avulsion or amputation. PREMIUM QUALITY, HYPOALLERGENIC, FLEXIBLE SILICONE

Robust yet pliable. Crafted to break away when subjected to excessive pressure. The flexibility of this ring also makes it suitable for individuals with large knuckles or temporarily swollen fingers. AN EXCEPTIONAL GIFT IDEA

Our silicone wedding ring makes for an impressive, trendy, and unique gift. It's often given for anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine's Day, Father's Day, or any special day, and more...

 What's in the box

  • 1 x Gold Umlozi Silicone Ring
  • 1 x Black Umlozi Silicone Ring
  • 1 x Grey Umlozi Silicone Ring
  • 1 x Bronze Umlozi Silicone Ring
  • 1 x Silver Umlozi Silicone Ring