Meffert's Skewb Xtreme - The Original 10-Sided Diamond Brainteaser Puzzle Challenge from Recent Toys - Travel Friendly Fun for Ages 9 - Adult

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Skewb Xtreme pushes puzzles to the limit! The first challenge is solving the puzzle so that each side shows one of ten solid colors - tough for sure, but not impossible (we promise). The second challenge, of course, is whether or not to ‘solve’ it at all: symmetrical from nearly any angle, the X-treme is so beautiful, you may just want to show it off!

1. Twist this speed cube so that all the sides show the same colour in this colour manipulation puzzle
2. One of a selection of challenging brain teasers and puzzle toys for kids from Uwe Meffert.
3. This fidget puzzle is the perfect adult puzzle gift, children’s puzzle gift, or cool gift for teens.
4. Great brain games for the IQ tester, once you’ve solved it you can scramble it and test yourself again!
5. Fine motor skills toys that pose a fun and engaging challenge.
6. Always a great toy in the Stem (or Steam) collection

What's in the box:
1 x Skewb Xtreme