Waiter's Tray Puzzle Wooden Genius Constantin Puzzles, Brain Teaser by Recent Toys

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Can you move the bottles in such a way, that the waiter can remove his tray underneath?
You will need to move the bottles up and down to gradually slide out the tray. Bottles may need to be moved more than once and are sometimes locked till you move the balls holding them in place.
A challenging brain teaser puzzle for adults and children alike!
Display on your nightstand, shelf, or living room as a decorative conversation piece.
The perfect gift for the puzzle enthusiast in your life!

Usually, the waiter's challenge is to keep all the objects ON the tray, but this puzzle turns that concept upside down! Your job, should you choose to accept it, is to remove all six bottles from the tray. Warning: these bottles might drive you to drink!

If you're looking for a fun physical activity to stimulate your brain, this puzzle from the mind of Jean Claude Constantin may just be the answer. Made with wood and acrylic, it ships in a plywood box that makes for a striking presentation if you're gifting it to someone. Just don't be surprised if they're cursing you the next day.

These puzzles are cut with a laser that is accurate down to one-thousandth of an inch. This precision allows for the fabrication of puzzles that are both delightfully complex and reliably functional.
With rich wood stains, scratch-resistant acrylic, and gleaming metal rivets, the Constantin puzzles are made with High-Quality Materials

Unique Designs and Wide Range of Difficulty

With hundreds of designs in his portfolio, Jean Claude Constantin has created puzzles with innovative designs unlike any others on the market today.
Some of his puzzles, like the Tough Measures, can be solved without too much trouble. Others like the Hidden Corridor, however, can take over 100 moves to solve!

Dexterity Skills and Spatial Reasoning

Manipulating mechanical puzzle pieces stimulate hand dexterity and support motor function development, particularly for those living with Parkinson's, cerebral palsy, or arthritis.
Working out a solution to any of Constantin’s puzzles will hone your spatial reasoning skills and help you envision 3-dimensional objects in your mind.

Gift Items and Play & Display

These unique puzzles are fantastic gifts for the puzzle enthusiasts in your life or for the loved one that just wants to “look” smart.
With rich wood stains and unique design elements, this puzzle is just as beautiful to display on your desktop as it is to solve."

What's in the box:
1 x Waiter's Tray Puzzle